Cheap Linux VPS Hosting Over Cheap Windows VPS Hosting – Onlive Server

If you are thinking of hosting a website then Germany VPS hosting would be the right choice for you. This is because the cost of VPS hosting are lower in comparison to other servers such as Windows virtual private servers and even dedicated servers.

Cheap Linux VPS offers improved authorization than Windows VPS servers and even dedicated server hosting solutions. It is an open source software that offers the same advantages that are offered by Windows-based virtual private servers excluding some major advantages that you do not get with Windows VPS.

Why Germany VPS Hosting?

Making the choice of Germany VPS Hosting is always a good option to go for mainly because you will have the entire control and set within a range that you can easily afford. You will also get the scope of running your very own operating system and installing any software that you require ion the server. VPS server hosting is fully safe and secure which means you do not need to worry about data loss and other issues. If you do not like the features of shared hosting, you always have the option of moving to VPS server hosting. This kind of hosting provides the best types of dedicated servers contrary to one main server compartmentalized into many.

Price is an Important Concern

Majority of the individuals have a clear understanding of Windows-based VPS hosting. This is mainly because it came to the forefront first. Even administrators are familiar with Windows process and this is another reason why business website owners like going for Windows-based VPS server hosting solutions. Windows VPS hosting is mainly used for complicated applications and large websites that can easily be run and offer customized set up.

However, one of the most obvious advantages that cheap Linux VPS hosting offers over Windows is its open source software. Since there is absolutely no license needed for the software, it helps in reducing the costs by a huge margin. The users going for Windows-based server hosting generally need to pay certain charges for buying license for the Windows software from Microsoft. It is the price factor that serves as one of the biggest reasons why many users prefer cheap Linux server hosting over Windows VPS server hosting. Uptimes also tend to be good with Linux VPS server hosting.

Windows programmers generally like to work with Windows VPS hosting mainly because there are Windows programs that might not work very well on Linux systems. There are many hackers that target sites with their malicious software and viruses and Microsoft easily get caught into these hacks. On the other hand, Linux does not come with any virus problems because it is an open source and free platform.


Both Linux and Windows VPS hosting tend to be advantageous but it is important for you to ensure that you have got the right devices in place for installing all the required software for running the operating system in the perfect manner. Nevertheless, if you have budget problems then always keep in mind that going for Linux VPS can help you in saving a lot of money.