How to Choose the Right Pet Resort for You

Finding a suitable pet resort for your furry friend can be an overwhelming task. Since there are numerous options to choose from, you need to make sure that the resort has high-quality facilities and trained personnel to take care of your pet.

Here are some of the things to look for when choosing the right pet resort for your cherished family member.

Quality and number of staff

It is important to make sure that the facility you choose works with highly trained workers. While the workers should be good at customer services, they should also be well trained and skilled both in animal care and animal behavior. Skilled staff can interact well with the pet and know how to solve potential issues before they escalate like identifying behavior problems and aggression. The pet size can hire both senior and junior workers depending on the size of the facility. It is essential that the boarding facility hires experienced personal as the senior members of the team just like in any other successful business. Another important thing to consider is the staff to animal ratio. While there is no standard number for the ratio, ensure that the facility has enough workers to offer all the animals with the attention and care they deserve.


As you all know, cleanliness brings happiness in a home and this applies to kennels and catteries.  Your potential pet resort must be noticeably clean with a welcoming scent. Good cleanliness measures will help in preventing the spread of contagious diseases and with a small number of dogs enclosed in a small facility, this becomes essential. Frequent removal of animal waste from all kennels, suites, private rooms and runs is essential. Note that an early inspection of the daycare you want to choose is the perfect way to confirm the cleanliness for your selected pet resort.

Exercise and training options

When humans stay in the office for long hours, don’t feel well, such that they need a short exercise at the gym to change the experience. Note that the canine friends have lots of energy and for this reason, they need a passage for them to be happy when staying in an environment they are not used to. It is essential for the pet resort to have a good grassy field where the dogs can run. This means that your dog will have a chance to run around and socialize with other pups.


Will you like to take your dog to a garden villa Madame or beachfront suite? In most cases, dog daycare facilities are located away from residential areas because of the noise produced by keeping many animals together. So, you will realize that you need to drive a short distance to get to a close by the facility. This is always a good thing since your dog will have more space to play in open space and will enjoy clean air and a relaxed environment.


The safety of your furry friend is another crucial thing you need to consider. You will be stressed once you hear that your dog has escaped and was last seen on the road heading home. Therefore, make sure the enclosure is secure to prevent your dog from getting out. The facility should be safe and comfortable structure free from dangerous objects. The place must have adequate space such that the dogs can stretch, run and play freely.