The micro-BIC diet

In the event that the thresholds of the simplified tax regime are exceeded, it remains applicable for establishing the tax due for the first year following that during which the turnover limits provided for this regime are exceeded, unless the turnover for the year exceeds the following thresholds :

901,000 euros for the activities of purchase-resale, sale to be consumed on site and supply of housing,

€ 279,000 for service provision activities.

However, it is always possible, as an option, to opt for the “higher” regime:

a company falling under the micro-BIC regime can opt for the simplified real scheme or the normal real scheme,

and a company falling under the simplified real regime can opt for the normal real regime.

The micro-BIC diet

This is an ultra-simplified tax system under which taxation is carried out on the basis of a profit calculated at a flat rate by applying a reduction of 71% on turnover (or 50% for service activities under the BIC). The entrepreneur is exempt from drawing up a balance sheet and an income statement , as well as a tax return.

The turnover must be reported on declaration n ° 2042 C PRO.

We present this plan in detail in this file: the micro-BIC plan

The real simplified tax regime for BICs

Under this tax regime, the company’s profit is calculated in a real way (turnover – deductible expenses). Accounting and tax obligations must be respected, in particular at the tax level:

transfer the profit to declaration n ° 2042 C PRO,

make a BIC result declaration n ° 2031,

and complete a tax return (tables 2033-A to 2033-G).

We present this regime in detail in this file: the real simplified tax regime

The actual normal tax regime for BICs

As with the simplified real regime, the profit is calculated in a real way for companies under the normal real tax regime. On the other hand, more important accounting and tax obligations will have to be respected. It is particularly suitable for tax purposes:

transfer the profit to declaration n ° 2042 C PRO,

make a BIC result declaration n ° 2031,

and make a tax return (tables 2050 to 2059-G).

We present this regime in detail in this file: the actual normal tax regime

For more information on accounting obligations:

The accounting obligations of artisans

Accounting obligations of traders

What VAT regime for BIC holders?

BIC companies can come under one of the following three VAT regimes:

the deductible based on VAT,

the simplified VAT tax regime,

the actual normal VAT tax regime.

The VAT-based franchise regime

The  VAT-based franchise regime  allows the company not to be subject to tax (VAT is not invoiced to customers but it is not recovered on purchases).

Companies falling under this regime can opt for VAT taxation under the simplified regime or the actual normal regime. Where applicable, this option has no impact on the micro-BIC regime, which is maintained despite the option for the payment of VAT.

The real simplified VAT tax regime

The  simplified VAT tax regime  consists of declaring the tax annually and paying two semi-annual VAT installments in July and December. The business charges VAT to customers and can reclaim VAT paid on expenses, provided the right of deduction can be exercised.

A company with the real simplified VAT tax regime can opt for the real normal VAT regime. In this case, it is the mini-real VAT  regime (how much the real regime simplified in terms of profits with the real normal regime in terms of VAT).

The actual normal VAT tax regime

The actual normal VAT tax regime consists of declaring the tax monthly, or quarterly when the VAT payable over the year does not exceed 4,000 euros. The business charges VAT to customers and can recover VAT paid on expenses, provided the right of deduction can be exercised.


Alaskan King Crab In (Step By Step)

High in protein and low in fat, the sweet flesh of the king crab is spiked with zinc—a whopping 7 milligrams per 3.5-ounce serving. “Zinc is an antioxidant, but more important, it helps support healthy bone mass and immune function,” says Susan Bowerman, assistant director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of California at Los Angeles.


It’s actually SO easy to cook crab legs on the grill that I almost feel a little weird posting this.

Except that if you are anything like me, you may have seen crab at the store (there are often gorgeous displays of them at booths at Costco) and wondered how in the heck to prepare them or who buys it!

Here’s the thing:  did you know it takes less than 10 minutes to cook HOW TO COOK CRAB LEGS ON THE GRILL

It’s actually SO easy to cook crab legs on the grill that I almost feel a little weird posting this.

Except that if you are anything like me, you may have seen crab at the store (there are often gorgeous displays of them at booths at Costco) and wondered how in the heck to prepare them or who buys it!

Here’s the thing:  did you know it takes less than 10 minutes to alaskan king crab legs on the grill?!

I know! I was shocked! on the grill?!

I know! I was shocked!

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 3 ounces

Calories: 82

Protein: 16 g

Fat: 1 g

Saturated: 0 g

Monounsaturated: 0 g

Polyunsaturated: 1 g

Carbohydrate: 1 g

Sugar: 0 g

Fiber: 0 g

Key Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C

Amount: 6.5 mg

Daily Value: 11%


Amount: 43.4 mcg

Daily Value: 11%

Vitamin B12

Amount: 9.8 mcg

Daily Value: 163%


Amount: 53.5 mg

Daily Value: 13%


Amount: 238 mg

Daily Value: 24%


Amount: 911 mg

Daily Value: 38%


Amount: 6.5 mg

Daily Value: 43%


Amount: 1.0 mg

Daily Value: 50%


Amount: 34 mcg

Daily Value: 49%


When I was planning the recipes I wanted to share for Alaska Week in my American Eats series, I knew I wanted to make Alaskan king crab legs. Mostly because even though I always see them at the store, I had truthfully never actually purchased them before!

Those things are pricey! And I felt all intimidated!

Did I need special crab-cracking equipment to eat them? I didn’t know how to cook frozen crab legs! Would my family even like the taste of crab legs? What would I serve with them? (Even food bloggers have insecurities when it comes to cooking new foods!)

It turns out my fears were all unnecessary because king crab legs are insanely easy to prepare!

And I didn’t need any special tools or equipment. And yes, my family liked them!

If your family enjoys shrimp, fish, and seafood in general, chances are these are going to go over well with your clan.

And something as simple as some good crusty bread and a nice salad was the perfect side to serve with crab legs.

Now, while Alaskan king crab legs are on the more expensive side when it comes to a dinner option, it’s a great option for special occasions and celebrations or as a splurge every now and then. Just like really amazing steak or other premium cuts of meat.

I did quite a bit of research before deciding to purchase some king crab legs and make it at home. Ultimately I found that there are 4 main ways of preparing king crab legs:





If you want to know how to boil, steam, or bake Alaskan king crab legs, this is a great resource.


Explore If The Investors Should Consider GDX Stock

The VanEck Vectors Gold Miners or GDX stock at  is considered feasible for investors to gain exposure to gold mining companies. The company was established by VanEck back in the year 2006. The primary goal was to satisfy interested metal investors by creating securities for investing and trading.

Should people invest in such companies?

For many people, gold is a terrible idea, while it is a compulsory investment for others. There can be different opinions on this question as there are both benefits and disadvantages of investing in gold mining firms. However, investing in gold mining firms is considered a popular way as their stock prices fluctuate according to the gold price. In addition to this, investors should also remember that even the slightest change can cause the company to swing back and forth between loss and profit.

Great exposure to the largest gold mining firms

The Market Vectors exchange-traded fund includes some of the most prominent gold producing or mining firms of the United States and Canada. GDX stock includes more than 40 different stocks and thus, giving a great amount of exposure to the investors. In addition to this, because the fund is gauged by market capitalization of the stocks, the largest and highly renowned companies together make up most of the funds.

Risk mitigation strategy

One of the primary factors that make gold different from other commodities is the fluctuation in its demand caused by speculation. Moreover, both commercial and industrial demand are considered affecting factors of its price. For instance, its price increased by 600% between 2001 to 2011 was primarily due to speculation and not by its actual demand by consumers or the industries.

Reduces the hassle

This is the most amazing benefit for investors who are looking for restricted exposure and not much. Investing in gold mining firms simplifies the whole process. For instance, it can take a lot of time and effort for the beginners to determine which of these firms are low risk and gives better returns. Moreover, people with a small scale portfolio can face additional trouble with stock prices and brokerage fees.

This exchange-traded fund or GDX stock company eliminates the hassle by spreading the risk across various companies and performance based on gold prices.


GDXhas a very low expense ratio of 0.52% and is generally considered risky. As per its previous performances, increasing gold prices does not result in the rise; however, the decreasing price can cause a heavy decline in it. Most importantly, it can deliver amazing returns at the right time.  If you want to know more stock information like slb stock, you can visit at .


Description Of Mgi Stock And Major Shareholders

MoneyGram International, Inc.mgi stock at and its subsidiaries offer money transfer services in the United States and internationally. The company operates in two segments: Global Funds Transfer and Financial Paper Products. The Global Funds Transfer segment provides money transfer and bill payment services especially for non-bank users and those who are less secure.

The Financial Paper Products segment offers money transfers to consumers through its agents and financial institutions. and official inspection of outsourcing services for financial institutions. This segment sells its money orders under the MoneyGram brand and through private labels or together with retail brands and financial institutions.

The company also offers digital solutions such as, cellular solutions, deposit accounts, and pavilion-based services. MoneyGram International, Inc. was founded in 1940 and based in Dallas, Texas.

Mgi stock

Moneygram International shares traded at $ 1.84 on March 11, 2020, when the coronavirus (COVID-19) reached pandemic status according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Since then, MGI shares have risen 15.2% and are now trading at $ 2.12. Moneygram International Inc. (NASDAQ: MGI) releases quarterly results on Friday, May 1. Financial service providers reported earnings per share (EPS) of $ 0.05 for the quarter, exceeding analyst consensus estimates of $ 0.06 by $ 0.01. Financial service providers earned $ 290.90 million in the quarter, compared with analyst estimates of $ 286.49 million.

General description of MGI stock

  • Returns on Moneygram International Inc.’s equity – a measure of return on equity – better than only 3.04% of US-listed shares.
  • With a value of money 0.11, Moneygram International Inc. has a higher ratio of only 5.34% of the stock in our kit.
  • MGI stock multipliers – a measure of wealth versus equity – are higher than only 1.29% of US stocks.
  • Shares that are quantitatively similar to MGI in terms of their transactions, market capitalization and price volatility are CBB, TGI, GNC, FUN, and INSE.

The main shareholder of Moneygram

Mgistock sees a rate cut in May. As of May 15, there was interest in a total of 3,940,000 shares, a decline of 18.1% from April 30, and a total of 4,810,000 shares. With an average trading volume of 1,650,000 shares, the ratio between day and the cover is currently 2.4 days. At present, 7.8% of the company’s shares are sold short.

Moneygram International shares are owned by several investors and private institutions. The best institutional shareholders include Morgan Stanley (2.80%), Morgan Stanley (2.80%), Beach Point Capital Management LP (2.64%), and Invesco Ltd. (0.56%), Teton Advisors Inc. (0.51%) and Lindbrook Capital LLC (0.42%)). Domestic companies that have shares in Moneygram International include Ripple Labs Inc. and Thomas H. Lee Advisors, Llc. Moneygram International has a market capitalization of $ 134.49 million and annual sales of $ 1.29 billion. Financial service providers generate up to $ 60,300,000.00 net income (earnings) or ($ 0.06) annually based on earnings per share. Moneygram International has 2,252 employees worldwide. You can also check wm stock at .


What you need to consider before launching your brand?

Launching a brand is not a difficult thing at all. You have an idea that will work and have a potential market with less competition then you are good to go. However, before launch there are some considerations you need to have in mind. A start up is not just about launching but it requires planning. Platforms explains some effective tips that help you.

Plan everything

Before launch, you need to plan everything properly. It includes what you are going to do on the initial stages and what will you do afterwards. It is a kind of your guiding plan that will help you to focus and stick to the first plan.

Chances of loss

Never ignore the chances of loss or failure. There is a possibility that you may not get the desired response from the start up. Every business takes time and you need to give time to all the things. Make sure to consider and measure the chances of loss.

Backup strategy

There should always be a backup plan or strategy to secure your business. In case you are not able to pull off the first project, you can work on the second one.


On the internet Lawful Sites with regard to Business people

Inside a globe exactly where information protection, manufacturer administration, manufacturer status, as well as company growth is constantly on the enlarge from report amounts, increasingly more companies are dealing with lawful difficulties. Companies are accidently obtaining involved with on the internet as well as traditional ripoffs. This isn’t just degrading their own manufacturer pictures, but additionally posing large risks for their income. Because of this , they’re usually looking for an expert attorney who are able to signify their own organization as well as safeguard their own goodwill. Actually, developing companies usually require lawful, expert guidance in the attorneys along with other lawful resources. This particular not just decreases their own day-to-day difficulties, but additionally provides self-confidence for them to develop effortlessly as well as wisely within the aggressive company scenery.

These days, each and every company requirements legal counsel to enable them to include running a business endeavors along with other dangerous amalgamations. This particular definitely assists all of them within solving conflicts, resolving elaborate federal government associated instances, as well as dealing with additional business-related difficulties. If you’re a company proprietor, then you definitely should be aware from the part associated with expert attorneys and also the worth of the useful tips. Lawful problems may hit whenever unexpectedly and could present complete threat towards the company’s identification. Consequently, business people ought to maintain their own attorneys together. Nevertheless, you can easily get company attorneys for the organization. Just about all you must do would be to search through on the internet lawful web sites.

On the internet lawful web sites are specifically made to supply thorough lawful info towards the business people. These types of web sites functions being an on the internet catalog for that site visitors and supply ideal lawful info for them. You will get company associated info via these types of sites. You are able to entry info concerning, personal bankruptcy, nearby company laws and regulations, property laws and regulations, condition company laws and regulations, rent laws and regulations, and may obtain other forms associated with company associated types. You are able to acquire work types, brand programs, copyright laws programs, as well as rent buy themes additionally.


Understand That You’re Coping with Before you decide to Agreement The Bail Bondsman

When you are looking for the bail bondsman, period is probably not in your corner because you might want to get free from prison truly fast. Nevertheless it is crucial that you simply try to look for the manner in which you are able to rapidly measure the genuineness of the bail bondsman before you trust all of them together with your prison discharge requirements. This is essential simply because, if you’re to employ the bogus bail bondman you will find higher probabilities you can shed your hard earned money and also you can also be within difficulty using the regulation but still neglect to grab yourself from prison.

If you’re unsure where one can obtain a organization providing you with bail provides, you can request your own attorney or even individuals in the legal courts. By doing this you will find higher probabilities you’ll be aimed in order to bail bondsmen which are highly regarded inside your neighborhood and therefore are recognized to provide excellent outcomes.

An additional easy point that you can do would be to examine when the bail bondsman you’re coping with is actually authorized using the nearby government bodies. You are able to request the actual bail bondsman’s permit quantity simply to guarantee your self that you’re coping with a business that’s lawfully authorized. Coping with a business that’s lawfully authorized offers plenty of benefits. 1 benefit is actually which this type of organization is famous also it might have constructed the status using the legal courts so that these people usually have the ability to obtain customers from prison constantly. An additional benefit is actually that they’ll ask you for based on agreed prices through the federal government, which means you won’t end up being overcharged whatsoever for his or her providers.


Drinking water Power Options — The actual Details

Within these types of eco stressing occasions, the requirement for green power resources is actually increasing. There’s just such a long time we are able to continue utilizing fossil energy sources that are restricted as well as damage environmental surroundings. Blowing wind energy offers acquired recognition recently, however we should not really neglect the advantages of obtaining power through drinking water. Right here all of us have a look the different methods for producing energy through drinking water, for example influx power, tidal power, sea energy power transformation, as well as osmotic energy.

Influx Power
The actual influx motion from the seas can offer thoroughly clean power just as which wind generators perform. Here’s exactly how this functions: you’ve got a step having a generator, as well as each time a influx forces to the step this forces the environment away that becomes the actual generator that is mounted on the electrical generator. An alternative solution technique is actually to possess a piston that is straight mounted on the electrical generator, and also the influx movement techniques the actual piston.
Even though influx power is definitely an effective method to create power, merely because of the large quantity associated with surf, it’s not really turn out to be because well-liked because blowing wind power.

Tidal Power
Tidal power functions creating a dam in order to snare water since it increases along with higher wave. After that as soon as after that wave offers fallen, water is actually allow out of the dam and also the movement from the drinking water moving away can be used to show generators that are mounted on machines.

Tidal power is extremely effective should you evaluate this in order to fossil fuel – 85% as opposed to 30%. Nevertheless, to have this particular effectiveness, you will find rigid problems that should be fulfilled, like the tidal variety coming to minimum 7 yards. Additionally, it’s very costly to setup the tidal energy grow, as well as you will find not so numerous nations which have all of them.

OTEC (Ocean Energy Power Conversion)
OTEC entails while using distinction within heat within big physiques associated with drinking water in order to electrical generator energy. To do this particular, the actual heat distinction must be 37 levels or even more. Closed-cycle OTEC program make use of a fluid which has a reduced cooking stage (e. grams. ammonia) to show the generator. Open-cycle OTEC techniques utilize the comfortable heat associated with area drinking water. This really is carried out through placing comfortable seawater right into a reduced stress pot, that makes it steam.



Obtain amazed through the hoaky advertisements, Phony guarantees associated with changing you to definitely your own desire designs. Nicely don’t end up being unfortunate as well as concerned about unwanted weight problems. Answer is here now Gastric Music group Surgical treatment Glasgow. Among the most recent surgical treatment along with greater achievement prices, Right now the actual query is actually whenever may be gastric music group surgey appropriate? Right now the solution is actually this particular the process agreed to individuals individual that possess a serious pounds issue as well as the issue is described or even determined through the W. Michael. We (body bulk index), the actual sufferers generally needs to be morbidly overweight along with BMI associated with a minimum of thirty-five and frequently a minimum of forty. Treatment centers additionally would rather provide laser hair removal in order to anyone who has experienced the struggle with weight reduction, and also have discovered additional techniques under prosperous. These people might be able to provide options when the music group isn’t appropriate. The actual short explanation from the process is really as comes after process by itself is actually final to have an hr long along with a little incision to the belly. A unique pipe, known as the laparoscopy, is actually put with the incision.

It’s the gentle along with a digital camera about the finish that allows the actual doctor to determine within the entire body and never have to create a larger size reduce. Devices and also the gastric music group by itself could be handed to the stomach hole utilizing additional little slashes, although becoming seen with the laparoscopy digital camera. The actual music group is actually installed round the top the main belly, constricting this to make a scaled-down top belly sack which can’t maintain a lot meals. It’s full of saline answer that the doctor changes within quantity to provide the right quantity of constriction.

Following the gastric music group Glasgow, this diet customization is required to end up being adopted for that greater price associated with achievement of the process. quantity of meals to become consumed required to w modified inside the very first days usually the fluid diet plan is actually began at first after that relocated in order to partial fluid after which strong diet plan. Fourteen days the actual usually recuperation period, the meals may now’s kept within the scaled-down top belly part that’s been developed by the actual music group, therefore the individual seems larger along with a reduced amount of meals. Meals additionally requires a whilst to feed the actual gastric music group, therefore the individual seems larger with regard to lengthier. Regarding 50% of the pounds through choosing gastric music group surgical treatment might be decreased along with lower likelihood of problems as well as danger because additional methods. So it’s the main one associated with most secure the actual efficient surgical treatment on the market.


4 Funding Options For New Entrepreneurs

When you’re launching a new business, you need to put some important foundations in place before your enterprise can be considered ready for business. Once the business is up and running, you’ll also need to jump the hurdles of providing excellent goods and services to your customers if the business is going to stay open. Without capital, achieving these milestones will be harder than they should be, which is why you need to secure as much capital as you can.

Even if you don’t have the money on hand, you can explore different financing options and get the capital you need to start your business. Below are highlights of some of your available options.

Get a construction loan

If you own a construction company or are looking to complete a building project, you might be eligible for a construction loan. Otherwise, you’re better off getting a start up loan or bank loan. Construction loans are short term loans, the duration of which is usually for as long as the project takes to complete. By the end of construction, the borrower may need to take out an ‘end loan’ to pay off the construction loan.

The building serves as collateral, making it easier to obtain an ‘end loan’. If your business deals in real estate, construction loans are some of the most readily available funding options in the industry. However, like other kinds of loans, there are specific requirements that you have to meet before qualifying for a construction loan:

  •         You must provide a large down payment, usually around 20%
  •         You need to prove that a qualified builder is involved with the project.
  •         You’ll also need to provide specific details, like a floor plan and details of the materials you intend to use

Get a start up loan

A start up business loan is a government-backed personal loan, and it’s available to individuals who are looking to start their businesses in the UK. Start up loans are also available for individuals who wish to expand or grow their current businesses. They are a great option because they don’t require any form of collateral or assets. Individuals can receive between £500 to £25,000 for their business, and a maximum amount of £100,000 for a business with multiple partners.

Start up loans have a duration of between one and five years and an interest rate of 6% per annum. Besides the much-needed funding, entrepreneurs who are granted a start up business loan will receive 12 months of free mentoring, as well as access to exclusive business offers that can help them succeed. Since start up loans don’t require any collateral, you’ll have to meet some conditions before you can receive one. They include the following:

– You’ll need to have a great credit score. This will assure the lenders that you’re a credible debtor and will pay back the loan

–  You’ll need a plan that can show the viability of your business and the demand for your product or service

– You’ll also need to submit a personal survival budget that outlines your expected source(s) of income. This ensures that you’re in a good financial place and are more likely to spend the money from the loan on the business than on yourself.

Get a bank loan

Bank loans are the most readily available sources of funding for any endeavour, including new businesses. If you have collateral, you can secure a bank loan quite easily and launch your new business.

With a bank loan, you can also expand your current enterprise and even begin operations in new business segments. In some cases, getting a bank loan to fund the expansion of an existing business is much safer than getting one for a new business for several reasons. An existing business already has a means of generating income and is more likely to stay open than a start up.

As a new entrepreneur, you need to make sure that your business has a viable model before taking out a secured loan, or you could risk losing your collateral. If you decide to get one, it’s best to visit several banks and compare interest rates before making a final decision.

Seek out an angel investor

Angel investors are so-called because they rescue entrepreneurs and their businesses from the perils of a lack of funds. They are individuals who lookout for new and innovative businesses to invest in. Angel investors usually have a lot in assets and are out to increase their net worth by investing in profitable ventures. As a result, you might be able to find an angel investor willing to buy a stake in your company if you have a solid business plan.

Angel investors are not easy to come by, and are even harder to convince, especially for start up entrepreneurs—it’s difficult to prove the viability of a business that hasn’t started yet.

Find a partner

You don’t have to start and run your business on your own. Getting a partner can ensure that you share the losses and challenges you’re bound to experience on your way to making your business work. A partner can also give you a fresh perspective and a new take on some of the things you never considered. More importantly, a partner can provide the necessary funding for your new enterprise.

If your business meets a unique need, then people are going to be eager to collaborate with you to make it happen. In this scenario, finding a partner willing to put up the money and buy into your business may not be so difficult. However, you need to carefully consider who you let into your business. You need someone who will be as dedicated to the business as you are.


There are several funding options for new entrepreneurs to explore. These options are also available for individuals who have existing businesses and are looking to expand or branch out to new business segments. A secured bank loan is one of the easiest funding options available. However, it has inherent risks—you may lose your collateral if the business fails.

With a start up loan, even though you’ll still have to pay back, the interest rates are much more lenient, and you’re going to have exposure to other opportunities as well. The other options available are getting a partner, finding an angel investor, or getting an industry-specific loan, like a construction loan.