Maryam Rajavi: A Famous Iran Opposition Leader

Iran is seeking changes while breaking the stereotypes that have ruled over the country for a long time. To change the scenario of the country, many leaders are coming and helping the citizens. Out of those Maryam Rajavi has made a name for herself for a lot of things she has achieved.

About MaryamRajavi and Her Family

Maryam Rajavi, a famous Iran opposition leader, was born to a middle-class family and they were based in Tehran. One of his brother names Mahmoud, a veteran member of MEK (Mujahedin-e-Khalq) became a political prisoner during the rule of the Shah. One of her older sisters named Narges was even killed by the secret police powered by Shah, SAVAK, on 1975. Another sister of Rajavi named Massoumeh, who was an industrial engineering student, was confiscated by the clerical regime on 1982 when she was pregnant. She was tortured brutally before she was hanged.

Rajavi and MEK

Maryam Rajavi connected to MEK when she was a young woman. She participated in the anti-monarchal revolution on 1979 and after this, she even competed for the set in parliament representing Tehran on 1980, but she along with none of the candidates from the oppositional party could take a seat. The reason was the fraud voting prevailing by the fundamental regime.Though she could grab a seat, she received votes counting more than 250,000.

Her Achievements

The defeat didn’t stop here and she was sticking to her agenda and achieved a lot in her life. On 1993, Mariyam was elected as the President-elect for the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The council is an alliance in which many people are engaged. It is a basically an Iranian opposition organization.

She didn’t stop there and she has run a lot of protests and revolution demanding equal women’ rights and calling justice for victims of the massacre happened in 1988.

She was the main brain behind the complete eradication of the MEK from the list of terrorist groups of UK and Europe. She even revealed the secret deals of the context pacifying the clerical regime. All these led to the delisting of the MEK from the UK in 2008 and later in Europe Union the following year. She even got succeeded in the dismissal of the charges of terrorism in on 17thJune 2003 by one of the seniors of French Investigative Magistrate in the May of 2011. Likewise, she is responsible for so many things that made MEK a name for the help of the sufferers.

Third Option

She even proposed the idea of “Third Option in her speech at the European Parliament. The proposal presents a clear prospect on how to resolve the crisis that Iran is suffering from.

Actually, Iranian people look at Rajavi with utter respect and see her as a pioneer of struggles while bringing the democratic change in Iran. She has led a global movement recently where a lot of political celebrities and personalities from different parts of the world have joined here.