A complete guide to Singapore car rental insurance you must follow

There are many car rental companies that offer insurance policies of wide varieties and so it is difficult to decide on the coverage you must go for. Certain policies are necessary to take while other kinds of coverage can be extended through your auto insurance premium. Prior to accepting the car, know about the car […]

There are many car rental companies that offer insurance policies of wide varieties and so it is difficult to decide on the coverage you must go for. Certain policies are necessary to take while other kinds of coverage can be extended through your auto insurance premium. Prior to accepting the car, know about the car rental charges that you are responsible for. Before buying any car rental insurance, know the coverage and details. As per the leading providers of Singapore car rental insurance, major rental companies do not pay for any damage caused due to natural factors. If the car is damaged by earthquake, storms or any other factor, it will not be covered. But, one may get collision damage waiver which offers coverage against loss due to theft and rental damage. So, before you rent any car, take up collision damage waiver insurance.

Go through the terms and conditions of the insurance

Before opting for any car rental insurance, read the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you do not do so, you may end up paying dearly. Your auto insurance policy will offer comprehensive coverage against the acts of nature. Check your auto insurance policy to find what all elements are covered when you rent a car. If you have placed request for any special coverage, it must be clearly written on the insurance agreement. It is also important to consider others who would be using the car and also know the coverage offered. Some rental insurances are such that coverage may be extended to business associates, family and friends.

Read up the contract thoroughly

Although the car rental agreement is lengthy and complicated, you must take your time to read it properly. If you are unable to understand certain terms and concept, just ask your representative to explain you. Do not sign anything before understanding the agreement.

Various kinds of coverage with collision damage waiver

Car rental companies do offer variety of coverage much before you receive the vehicle. Such charges may begin adding up to increase car rental charges. Most coverage are same as what you pay for under auto insurance policy. The coverage extends automatically to the rental car. The insurance covers ‘loss of use’ which implies the time or money lost by a rental company as it no longer rents the car. Purchasing collision damage waiver implies that you will have to pay the rental charges. If at all you plan to rent the car in a different country, the coverage will not be extended to the rental.

Ask questions about car insurance

If there is any damage to the car which is not covered under the insurance policies, you may check your other policies. In case personal property is stolen from the car, it will be covered by homeowner policy or rental policy. The one renting the car must know about the coverage and what to expect from the insurance.

The need for car rental insurance

By purchasing car rental insurance, you may save yourself from paying extra dollars if any damage takes place. It will cover you for any unforeseen event. So, the insurance gives a complete peace of mind to the one renting a car in Singapore. The one who is renting the car can enjoy the journey and focus on it completely. You may buy car rental insurance from the rental company. It will cover at least the expenses you have to bear while using the car. Insurance coverage may also come as a result of credit card usage. It is easy to use credit card for insurance coverage than buying a separate insurance from rental company. Car rental offers unconceivable convenience but you never know when there are unexpected problems. Your car can breakdown, meet with an accident. Car insurance is an innovative way to deal with unexpected incidences.

The process of getting luxury car insurance is easy

Getting insurance for luxury car rental is not at all complicated. There are car hire companies to offer you car insurance. The one who is offering the car will push you towards purchasing any insurance but you should choose the right product in order to secure the rental car. The names of few policies are given below:

  • Liability insurance: When the two vehicles simply collide, it is not thought to be an accident. You call it accident when the vehicle hits the tree, an animal, a man or any property owned by someone. Only liability insurance may save you from such situations. It will cover you in case you cause any loss to anyone’s property.
  • Personal accident insurance: When you are on the roads, the lives of passengers are extremely important. If you avail personal accident insurance, the lives of drivers and passengers will be secured. The insurance will provide compensation if there is any loss of life.

When someone rents a luxury car, the purchase of insurance policy holds great importance. By purchasing a suitable insurance, you may curb several devastating situations to gain a complete peace of mind.

Enjoy a safe journey with rental car insurance

In most insurance, theft insurance and other coverage are included. You require waiver to save from paying heavy repair charges. As already stated, there are mainly two sources to get car insurance. They are credit card companies, rental agencies. You may also avoid the need for extra car insurance. Read up the terms and conditions to learn if they cover your necessities. The kind of car you rent for travel is dependent on the purpose of travel. The trip might be for vacation or business. Thus, the car rental insurance is useful. If there is any damage to the car, things may get more risky. The company will hold you responsible for making the payment fully.

How to rent car?

If you want to rent a car, you can choose Bizlink Rent a Car. Before you pick any car for your travel, you may inspect it totally. If there is any damage to the car, consult the insurance company immediately. The insurance company will offer you much needed assistance in this. You may then deal with the accessories in a lot professional manner. If there is any problem, you may contact insurance company. You may also change the clause of the contract if that is in progress.

Car insurance: the best way to get abundant benefits from the car rental

The ones who go for car rental, they get the benefit of riding a luxurious car at super-low rates. You may hire luxury car to ride in style and comfort. You may use credit card to look for car rental companies online and book a suitable car. On online booking through credit card, you may also get attractive discounts. With the card, one can also get valuable insurance policies. As you may get it through credit card, there is no need to purchase insurance separately. Long term leasing is also the way to gaining access to luxury cars with a lot of convenience. Car rental insurance is indeed the most profitable part of renting a car.

The above section will help the ones who are looking to benefit from car rental insurance. As the market is competitive, it is important to collect as much information as possible.

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