Obtaining Funeral Services for a Loved One

Someone’s loved one dies every day of the year. When you suffer a loss, it’s good to understand how the process of planning a funeral works. Being comfortable calling your local funeral home and deciding begins with being educated. Then making that phone call to arrange funeral services Hunterdon County NJ is less stressful and much easier to complete. 

Steps the Family Needs to Take After the Death of a Loved One 

1) If the loved one dies at home, the first step is to get a medical professional to give a legal pronouncement of death. If the person is under home hospice care, the hospice nurse can make that pronouncement. If the person has a do-not-resuscitate document, the hospital that receives the body will have a doctor to make the pronouncement of death. 

2) Have the body transported to the mortuary or the crematorium. 

3) Notify close the deceased’s doctor, his family and friends. If the deceased has dependents or pets, see to their care and find the best family member suited to be a guardian. 

4) Notify deceased’s employer and get information about death benefits provided by the company. 

5) Search the deceased’s records to find life policies he or she had in place. 

Working with the Funeral Home 

Before the body can be transported to the funeral home or crematorium, the person’s in charge should find out if the deceased was a registered organ donor. If so before the body is removed from life support, the organs must be harvested by transplant surgeons. An autopsy may need to be performed, before the body is released to the mortuary. 

Once the body has been released from the hospital, the funeral home’s mortuary can pick up the body. At that point, the survivor will need to make some arrangements. If the end-of-life wishes of the deceased are already known, it is easier to proceed with the funeral arrangements. 

The Responsibilities of the Funeral Home 

• Completing the death certificate is the responsibility of the hospital or medical professional overseeing the deceased, but it is also shared by the funeral director. 

• The Funeral director will seek to obtain Social Security and veteran’s benefits at the death of the deceased. 

• The funeral home will provide the newspapers’ obituary department with a death notification approved by the family. 

• The Funeral director will also facilitate the transfer of funds to survivors for all monies associated with life insurance, annuities and pensions. 

• The funeral home must reveal in a “Statement of Goods and Services” all the prices of anything that may be provided for the last rites of the deceased. 

• The funeral home will prepare the body for viewing in the casket-this includes embalming and cleaning of the body of blood and other bodily fluids with antibacterial soap. It may also include makeup to refresh the body’s appearance. 

• The funeral home will cremate the body if that is the preferred end-of-life process. 

• The funeral home will host the memorial or the viewing before the burial. They will receive the flowers and other decorations, as well as transport them between the viewing or the memorial and the cemetery. 

• Finally, the funeral home will organize the interaction between the church and the time and date of the ceremony. They will officiate over the ceremony and organize the burial process including the prayers, speeches and rituals that are presented at the burial site. 

Losing a loved one is a very emotional tragedy. Fortunately, the funeral services provided by most of the local funeral homes are designed to alleviate the stress of those last rites. They offer a great deal of help in finalizing the affairs of the loved one and they really help the survivor gather essential financial information to help settle those final affairs.


Tips for Preparing for the Long-Distance Move 

Before calling a moving company, an individual needs to plan, plan and plan for the big long distance move. It is easy to write a list about completing a change of address for the postal service and shutting off utilities. However, about the other things that seem so forgettable such as making a budget prior to moving. A person should sit down prior to packing any items and determine how much money they can afford to spend on the long distance move. It is important not to overspend just on moving expenses. 

Know the Type of Long Distance Move the Family is Making 

A long distance move has two options: an intrastate or interstate move. An intrastate move is a shorter long distance because the person continues to reside in the same state. It would be like a person moving from Columbus to Cincinnati. An interstate move is across state lines or international border. Moving from Cincinnati to Las Vegas is one example of interstate travel. 

Decide How to Move Items 

Moving sounds simple. A person just moves their items from one place to another. Unfortunately, moving is a lot more complicated than it seems. There are plenty of options such as the person moving their items, shipping items via shipping service and hiring long distance movers. To figure out the correct option, consider things like: 

  1. How much time a person has to move 
    2. The moving budget 
    3. How much the person will need to be involved in the moving process 

    Know How the Family is Getting to the New House

    Once the decision is made to use a long-distance movers, the next decision for the individual is how are they getting to their new place. No one can tag along with the long-distance movers. The larger the distance between the new and old residence, the more planning is needed. Driving is sometimes the easiest transportation option for short distances. The person also has the option of packing some things with them in the motor vehicle. However, there are a couple disadvantages and one is extra money. Driving requires hotel stays, gas and food during the trip. 

    Understand Rights Afford to People by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for regulating all long-distance moves. It provides a booklet on the rights and responsibilities given to individuals who are moving long distances. For example, the person should know about valuation. Movers are required to compensate people for any damage or lost items while in transit. Read the booklet to understand moving rights and responsibilities. 

    Determine the Right Long Distance Movers to Assist with the Move 

    Do not forget to pick the movers. Sometimes a person may leave this task to the last minute. Not every mover is created the same. Research the mover to ensure they are a high-quality businesses. Check some professional business organizations and online for the mover with the best record.

The Invaluable Benefits of a Professional Mover

Most people do not enjoy moving. This is especially true if they attempt to move everything without the help of a professional mover. It takes a lot of time and hard work to load a truck. Boxes can be dropped, important possessions broken, and injuries can occur. If the truck is not packed properly, boxes can shift and fall, furniture can move and more damage results. Trying to keep any eye on children and pets while moving heavy boxes and furniture is incredibly challenging. The good news is all of this can be avoided simply by hiring a professional mover. 

Professional movers have the experience, training and expertise to do the job correctly. They know exactly how to move boxes without damaging the contents or injuring themselves. They understand how to protect furniture while in transport and to ensure the boxes do not fall or slide. This makes moving day simpler and easier. The family or individual can concentrate on getting to their new home without worry because a professional mover provides peace of mind. For additional information about movers please visit this site

Hiring moving companies Portland is not difficult. All that is required is a phone call. The mover will ask questions regarding what is being moved such as the size of the home, the number of boxes and the distance of the destination. A professional will come to the home, establish the contents and provide an estimate in writing for the move. Some individuals are extremely busy professionals and are unable to take time off work. In this instance the movers can pack all the boxes for the move. This additional step can be imperative for a move out of state. Instead of rushing to make certain every detail has been taken care of, the family can relax and start thinking about their new home. 

Certain pieces of furniture must be broken down to be moved safely. This process can be extremely difficult if the individual does not have both experience and skill. If the screws, bolts, washers, etc. are not properly packaged and stored the piece of furniture may become worthless. A professional mover knows exactly how to break down a piece of furniture because they have already done so hundreds or thousands of times. The corresponding hardware is marked and kept safe so reassembly does not present a problem. For some excellent information please visit here

A professional mover understands how important certain material possessions are to their owners. They take extra care with breakable, delicate and fragile items to ensure they are delivered safely and intact. They are also not susceptible to the same stress felt by everyone who has tried to move without assistance. They know what must be done and in what order. They also do not make mistakes out of inexperience, stress or a shortage of time. They have access to the correct materials for packing. The best possible way to ensure a move is smooth and simple is by hiring a professional.